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Connected Engineering



Throughout your machine’s lifetime, Poclain Hydraulics supports you in understanding and maximizing the knowledge, value, reliability and performance of your machine.


This makes particular sense in the context of new developments, such as projects for the renewal or conversion of machines, engine downsizing or in the case of the switch from a thermal engine to an electric solution.


To achieve this, the machines or prototypes are equipped with a Poclain Hydraulics Gateway to collect real-time data at a high rate during a specific time period, while they are operating under test or real conditions.


In-depth analysis of the collected data


Our data scientists and application engineers analyze the data to provide you with indicators and recommendations that will directly contribute to optimizing the design, performance and reliability of your machines, using application knowledge and understanding of machine usage by end users.


From pre-engineering to series machines


  1. Pre-engineering
    Monitor machines in the field to generate input data and recommendations for new machine development
    • Characterize machine operating modes and real duty cycles
    • Identify how machines are used and stressed in the field
    • Deduce useful input data for R&D teams
  2. Design & prototyping
    Use on-field machine data, real duty cycles and Connected Engineering recommendations as inputs for new development and simulations
    • Optimize the design and performance of the new machines
    • Limit risks during design phase, reduce development time
  3. Commissioning & field tests
    Monitor prototypes during commissioning, first tests and first months of customer operation to facilitate the validation and qualification process
    • Real-time monitoring during the qualification phase
    • Validate the prototype design, confirm the performance and reliability in real operating conditions
    • Fine tune the machine for serial production
  4. Series production
    Monitor series machines in the field for specific data analysis
    • Characterize duty cycles and operating modes based on factual data from machines operating in the field
    • Improve knowledge of applications and understand the use of machines by end customers.
    • Perform troubleshooting analyses