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Connected Engineering

Optimize the development, performance and reliability of your machines
connected engineering

Optimize the development and operation of your machines



Poclain Connected Engineering Services allow our customers to optimize the development, performance and reliability of their machines through the analysis of data from machines in the field.

Machine development process

Data for new developments

Right-first-time: quick to market and low-risk development.

Picto data for new development
  • Get reliable duty cycles and use cases for new developments
  • Have the data to select the best technical solution for the application
  • Optimize the system and component sizing

Duty cycle expertise

Increase your knowledge of actual machine usage and applications.

Picto duty cycle
  • Get real duty cycles and mission profiles of machines in the field
  • Understand the performance expected by end-users
  • Get reliable data to optimize actual and future machines



Faster problem solving.


Picto 4 stages troubleshooting
  • Identify anomalies and unexpected transient behaviors on machines
  • Access data history for root cause analysis
  • Validate solutions on connected machines

Partner with Poclain to optimize your machines and enhance your applications knowledge

The four stages

Picto 4 stages
Connect the machine in the field with Poclain Databox
Picto 4 stages dataviz
Gather high sample data and access real-time dashboard
Picto 4 stages algo
Data analysis by machine and application specialists
Picto 4 stages report
Report with analysis for the customer

Expert teamwork from raw data to final report

Catalog analysis

Choose from a catalog of analysis options to meet the client’s objective

Data analysis

Data analysis are conducted by the Poclain Data Science Team

Final report

Customer final report produced by application engineers


Engineering, application expertise, electrification, digitalization… 
Poclain is committed to continuous innovation and adaptation to support its customers, international groups and local manufacturers, in the new digitalized and connected era made up of environmental and energy challenges.



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