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Mobile Hydraulic Transmission

Poclain Hydraulics offers system solutions for many different kinds of mobile machines, covering markets from construction, agriculture, material handling, environment, mining, on-rail, forestry to on-road applications. Mobile Hydraulic Transmission covers all machines’ needs from anti-skidding, speed control, braking solutions, diagnostics to protection and safety.

Mobile Hydraulic Transmission solutions are based on SmartDriveTM software that with other Poclain Hydraulics products, motors, valves, pumps, provide the most effective and efficient control in work and travel mode.

Mobile Hydraulic Transmission schema

Ready-to-use solutions: 

With the CT-SUITE tool, Poclain Hydraulics is making electronically controlled hydrostatic transmissions more accessible by allowing customers to create their own software management. Based on a library of fully tested software functions, each customer can combine all the necessary functions to generate their software in just a few clicks, reducing development time and costs without any further help.

  • Travel/Work modes for machines that have to travel fast from one working area to another:
    • Use the same hydraulic installation to be able to travel fast between sites while maintaining a high torque transmission at on-site
    • Best efficiency in both modes (work and travel)
    • Energy saving
    • Noise reduction
    • Driver comfort
    • Work precision
  • Anti-Stall to prevent engine stalling when torque requested to engine can exceed the engine capacity:
    • Driver stays focused on the work at hand, not on engine management
    • No need for oversized engine
    • Increased driving comfort
  • Automotive Control to drive the machine like a car:  
    • Automatically adapts the machine’s speed to engine rotation speed.
    • Compatible with engines with cable control.
    • Increased fuel savings compared to constant engine speed
    • Easy to drive and simple to integrate 
  • Smart Automotive for efficient control of the pump and the engine together:
    • Independent engine and pump curves
    • Reduces noise emissions 
    • Increased fuel savings compared to constant engine speed
    • EcoDrive™ compatible
    • Multi-mode compatible
  • Cruise Control / speed control loop control with Smart Automotive, when precise machine speed is needed for working process:
    • Driver only focuses on work at hand, not on machine speed
    • Better job quality
  • Electronic Inching when precise machine approach is needed, or when engine power is needed with very low or null machine speed:
    • Precise machine approach 
    • Engine power needed for tools at very low or null machine speed – better tool management
    • Increased driving comfort
  • Automatic speed shifting, smooth speed change management when machine needs to switch automatically “on the fly” between high torque (first speed) and high speed (second speed, third speed etc.):
    • Easy to drive
    • Preserves motors – increased lifetime
    • Comfort
  • Hydrostatic braking with electronic pedal to adjust hydrostatic braking (mandatory with automotive control):
    • Easy to drive (car like)
    • Comfort
    • Safety
  • Combined braking with hydraulic brake pedal (VB) when hydrostatic braking is needed to reach a level of deceleration:
    • Better braking performances
    • Reduces friction brake wear – increased lifetime
    • Hill Start to stop and restart the machine on a slope:
    • Easy to drive
    • Safety
    • Preserves ground
  • EcoDriveTM for more environmental (eco) driving with fuel saving and lower engine noise.
  • Command Limiter for machines working at low speeds with high engine speed (e.g. approach mode):
    • Better machine manoeuvrability
  • Driver Presence increases the safety at the worksite, preventing machine from moving without a driver. 
  • Accelerator Joystick function that is mostly used in tractors’ control agronomy:
    • Smooth joystick control of requested speed
    • Control of acceleration and deceleration levels
  • System protection functions (over-power protection, over-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, over-speed protection) to preserve hydraulic components and increase the lifetime of the machine.
  • Safety start management for safer work. It ensures that all required safety conditions are met before allowing the machine to move.
Mobile Hydraulic Transmission Safety

Customizable and easy to use

SmartDrive™ is designed for easy programming, parameterization, personalization and diagnosis. It can be applied to many different applications through a programming tool CT-SUITE.

Beside standard functions, we also offer customized customer-specific application software based on the SmartDrive™ modular system that is in-series production-ready as pre-installed software for SmartDrive CT electronic control units. Some application specific systems are available with pre-defined software, e.g. Skid-Steer System.

As hardware we use SmartDrive CT electronic control units.