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CT-Suite Software

Poclain Hydraulics provides CT-SUITE, a suite of intelligent software that brings together all the tools needed to design and diagnose your electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission simply and quickly.
CT-Suite Software


CT-Design makes it easy to get started with electronically controlled hydrostatic transmissions by allowing you to create your own control software. With a few clicks, the CT-Design tool provides a library of proven and reliable software functions. Using an intuitive graphical interface, each customer using CT-Design can combine the necessary functions to generate their own software, without the need for any external assistance. This saves time and development costs!


CT-Design's ease of use makes it a powerful and efficient tool. It guarantees the highest level of reliability of the generated software and provides the electrical wiring diagram for each machine.

1/ Choose your platform


2/ Create your embedded software by selecting the functions you need


3/ The electronic wiring diagram is generated automatically


4/ Generate and save your embedded software, the electrical diagram, the summary of functions and the specification of your software corresponding to the design created




With EBOM BUILDER, the Poclain Hydraulics Application Engineer and the Electronic teams support you by proposing the electronic components that correspond to your needs.

1/ Choose your Poclain Hydraulics electronic components


2/ Generate your Poclain Hydraulics electronic component list




The PHASES-CT software developed for the SmartDrive-CT-30/200/300 ECUs is a tool developed by POCLAIN HYDRAULICS to control the hydrostatic transmission.


Connected to the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU via its USB/CAN-BUS adapter, the PHASES-CT software sets the SD-CT-30/200/300 hydrostatic transmission systems parameters, as well as optimization and maintenance operations in an intuitive and optimal fashion.

1/ Download software embedded in the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU


2/ Adjust and control the parameters of your hydrostatic transmission


3/ Calibrate the various devices that drive your hydrostatic transmissions


4/ Diagnose your hydrostatic transmission


5/ Record and analyze the operating curves of your hydrostatic transmission


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