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Drum-e Application Example: Electric 2T Tandem Roller

Poclain Electric Hydraulic e+h technology has now grown with a one electric motor system that is available for Small Tandem Roller. Get to know more about this electric hydraulic solution for the construction industry, such as Small Tandem Roller, pavers, and compactors.
Electric tandem roller e-drum

Poclain Hydraulics has been one of the world’s leaders in tandem compactor hydraulic transmissions for more than 20 years. Transferring diesel units to the electric hydraulic system meets the sustainability and pollution reduction goals of OEM’s.


Investment and cost optimization

The compactor’s electrohydraulic transmission needs to withstand high-frequency vibration. It ensures consistent movement at low speeds and provides the torque that is necessary to overcome steep slopes. It is also easily integrated into the drum. As a worldwide leader, our range of products meets your needs for each machine. As an example our "demo" tandem compactor have the following technical specifications: weight 2.6 tons, diesel power 24.7 KW, 12 Km/h, roller width 1.2 M, roller diameter 0.7 M.

  • Same machine performance as the current diesel version
  • High ruggedness hydrostatic transmission
  • Easy to integrate into the current chassis

The cost associated with the shift up to an electrohydraulic tandem roller and a partnership with Poclain is an investment in the future. We deliver machine prototypes for customer review within 6 to 12 months. We reduce the design’s costs by keeping the existing components, such as the drive motor. Our aftermarket procurement is also simpler.

  • Accelerate your time to market
  • Reduce the manufacturing investments
  • Reduce the development costs

Access low or zero emission areas

Machines with a new electric motor operate like the original one but with additional benefits. New tandem rollers with an electric motor can access low or zero emission areas and reduced noise areas. The fuel cost is lower. They are more efficient. They need lower maintenance. Productivity and safety can be increased with your new electric models.

  • Zero emission
  • Low noise
  • 40% lower operating cost vs. diesel

Innovative solution for energy recovery

A new Poclain patented development based on a closed loop hydraulic pump recovers energy while vibration is deactivated and return to zero. You do not need an SD CT300 separate controller as the inverter also works as an ECU whether you have manual or electronic pump control.

This enables to design an efficient zero emission machine with an optimized cost and a low content of scarce material and electronics.


Poclain list of components:

  • One electric motor: 48V IPM, max. power 25 KW
  • One EMSISO inverter EmDrive compact (electric motor controller)
  • One PM10 close loop pump to run the propel drive
  • One PM10 close loop pump to run the vibration function
  • Two MK04 hydraulics motors
  • Hydraulic valves and sensor optional

Note: Battery not supplied by Poclain for serial machines


Electric Motor
Electric Motor
pm10 pump

Engineering services to support your electrification

Our connected services monitor your machine in real time. You can check that all of the systems work properly. You will be alerted when maintenance tasks need to be performed. Poclain can equip your machine to collect and analyze your data in order to help you manage your machines delivered to your customers.

  • Peace of mind thanks to the high value engineering services
  • High commonality of parts with current diesel machines:
    ⚬        Reliable solution
    ⚬        High production volume
  • Advanced functions
  • Connected services


For any electrification project or information request, please get in touch with your current Poclain Hydraulics contact. 





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