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New e+h Electrohydraulic Tandem Roller

The transition between clean and efficient electrohydraulic motors in tandem rollers from the costly and contaminated diesel market is an important breakthrough at Poclain. This new innovation has many benefits from financial to environmental.
e+h electric hydraulic tandem roller

Electric tandem roller for OEMs

We are excited to offer this new option to both OEMs as well as for owners and end users. We have found that OEMs are very interested in transferring from diesel units to electrohydraulic to help better meet sustainability and pollution reduction goals. Our team takes customer specifications and implements surprisingly few changes to existing tandem rollers to achieve this goal. This elimination of a large scale redesign is beneficial both in cost as well as for meeting harsh deadlines.

Invest in the e+h tandem roller

Our clients prefer to consider the costs associated with the transition to an electrohydraulic tandem roller as an investment. This is especially true for clients who invest in a partnership with us. Demand is on the rise and expected to continue, but we are able to deliver amazing prototypes within one year for client review. In fact, many leading OEMs are interested in our services. We reduce development costs by implementing such practices as keeping existing components such as the drive motor whenever possible. Our after market sales teams will offer simplified procurement thanks to high commonality in our platforms.

The benefits of the e+h tandem roller

The ultimate goal is to create a machine with a brand new electric motor that looks and operates just as well as the original one.


End users and owners also enjoy the low noise and zero emissions from new rollers. This allows them to access areas such as low or zero emission zones, underground areas and other areas where reduced noise is ideal. Another amazing added benefit is that new E+H rollers can reduce the total cost of ownership due to lower fuel costs, better efficiency and lower maintenance.


In certain cases, new tandem rollers can even offer increased productivity as well as safety over the models they replaced.

The future of tandem rollers

We will preview the new tandem roller at the BAUMA show in Munich for all to see. We are currently designing the technology for energy recovery and hope to improve results with time. We are also using an innovative solution, rather than a standard, that uses a closed loop hydraulic pump that works to recover energy when vibration is deactivated.


e+h compacteur

A complete range of engineering services to support your electrification

In addition, advancements in technology allowed us to develop amazing connected services. They are a great tool to monitor these machines in real time to make sure all systems are working properly, within designated range and can even indicate when certain maintenance tasks need to be performed. This data can be collected on all rollers and machinery Poclain has equipped, analyzed by our team specialists and shared with authorized users.

compactor connected

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