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Electric Hydraulic NORCAR Mini Loader Prototype

Norcar optimizes their mini-loaders with the Poclain Electric Hydraulic “e+h” technology. Through this partnership, discover different phases of this prototype co-design . A new electric hydraulic machine, which allows Norcar to meet market expectations.
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norcar prototype

Norcar objective is to meet market industry expectations with a zero-emission machine, reliable and efficient. Poclain as an off-road solution supplier with a recognized expertise worldwide in engineering systems, electric hydraulic solutions, and project management, meet the need of Norcar. This partnership allowed both parties to be time to market and to present the Norcar mini-loader electric hydraulic prototype at Bauma Munich 2022.

1. Diesel machine data collection

Poclain used its data collection devices to get data from the field through diesel Norcar mini loaders, to identify needs and optimized machine performances. One of data collected was the duty cycle or energy used on a working day to calculate the future battery needs.

Those technology changes are not only energetic transition, but also governance topics. “It was natural going to start up a joint venture for the electrification of our machines,” Magnus Holm, Norcar Research and Development Manager said.

2. Electric hydrostatic mini loader prototype building

Poclain e-mobility team assessed several “e+h” system architectures. They designed and optimized solution for Norcar’s new battery powered mini loader. The electro hydrostatic a60E1 mini loader was prototyped, commissioned by Poclain team. After the Norcar’s test drive, users were very pleased with the performance of the machine, especially the power, when going up and down slopes, along with safety features and data collection.

3. Measuring performance and benefits of the new mini-loader

In addition to maintaining same performances as the diesel version in terms of speed and torque, the a60E1 model also reduces noise output and vibrations. It optimizes driving comfort. The mini-loader is safer. The energy consumed is low and optimized thanks to the Poclain embedded software.


“It’s a very precise vehicle that can do very precise work. It is very well optimized,” Magnus Holm, Norcar Research and Development Manager said, during the test session of a60 model on Poclain Hydraulics test-track in France.


SD- Databox installed on a60 mini-loader to get duty cycle data.

More on Norcar

Norcar was established in 1979 and has been developing and manufacturing high quality mini-loaders for many industries since 1998. Their products are ideal for entrepreneurs in green area maintenance, agriculture and construction applications. Norcar loaders are useful for tasks both inside and outdoors.



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