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Traction Control: TwinLock™ Hydraulic Antiskid System

Traction control is one of the basic needs of all off-road machines. For more demanding machines the most advanced solution is electronic AntiSkid system. But traction can be provided by hydraulic solutions like TwinLock™ system, installation of valves - flow divider(s) to maintain the traction in all wheels.

The TwinLock™ solution offers a unique anti-skid solution for all-wheel-drive machines. Machines equipped with the TwinLock™ motors and valves solution increase their off-road driving capability in low grip situations, bringing several benefits to the user:

  • Higher machine productivity thanks to increased off-road capabilities
  • The solution's excellent reactivity (torque is instantaneously transferred from the wheel with the lowest grip to the one with the highest)
  • Maintenance is easy as the solution is 100% hydraulic
  • Avoids damaging ground surfaces

The TwinLock™ solution transfers torque from the wheels that are slipping to the wheels with the greatest grip. It is the ideal compromise between a parallel circuit and a series circuit.


The system consists of following interacting components:

  • Motors with TwinLock™ option
  • TwinLock™ hydraulic valves
    • Hydraulic control  PR-TL valve
    • Mechanical control – VDP valve

Applicable for all machines with at least three-wheel drive.