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Reman Program

Poclain Reman Program

Why a remanufacturing program at Poclain?

Circular business models such as remanufacturing are an integral part of the circular economy by keeping products and materials in use. The remanufacturing program is in line with the sustainable development objectives of Poclain's Corporate Social Responsibility Charter.

The Poclain Hydraulics Group has produced more than 3 million radial motors over the last 10 years. Now is the time to realize the potential of remanufacturing certain motors to break the replace-with-new cycle. Every end is a new beginning.

Through the remanufacturing process, we manage to turn end-of-life cores into as good as new products, ready for a second round of operation. A win-win-win concept like remanufacturing will benefits the environment, our customers, and our company.

The Poclain REMAN Program

As we move from linear business models to circular business models, we support our key OEMs in their sustainable growth in the remanufacturing business. With this program, our OEMs and end users can benefit from the lower cost of a remanufactured unit compared to a new one, extending the life of their machines, conserving valuable raw materials and reducing their carbon footprint.

Remanufacturing is available for motor sizes from MS/E05 – MS/E125.

Reman or repair, what is the difference?

A remanufactured product is not a repaired product.  Our remanufactured products are manufactured through a defined industrial process where previously sold, leased, used, worn products are returned to like new, like new or better than new, both in quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible and sustainable process.
Our remanufactured products are 100% hydraulically tested to the same parameters as new products and carry a minimum 6 month warranty*.


*Warranty terms may vary by product type

Remanufacturing steps

Our industrial remanufacturing process involves many steps performed by highly skilled operators, including:


  • Sand blasting (rust and paint removal)
  • Inspection of cores
  • Disassembly, cleaning, inspection
  • On-site CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), non-destructive testing
  • Lapping
  • Replacement of worn components with original spare parts
  • Re-assembly, verification by hydraulic test bench stand, leak test
  • Repainting




Poclain member of the European Remanufacturing Council




Poclain Hydraulics is a member of

the European Remanufacturing Council 







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Lenka Koziakova,

Reman Program Manager

Poclain Hydraulics