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The WAI BNP PARIBAS / POCLAIN campaign ends with a co-experimentation project with KALYSTA

Launched in November 2021, a major campaign to connect start-ups and corporations was orchestrated by WAI by BNP Paribas for POCLAIN. Evidenced by the richness of research and innovation in France, no less than a hundred startups were approached as part of this operation.
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“Open innovation”, collaborative research, the mix of agile structures and established companies are the major characteristics that Poclain wanted to explore through this experience with the help of the Wai BNP Paribas team.


For Poclain, this relatively new campaign for the company once again marks our commitment to a development and strategic transformation plan aimed at strengthening our market share in our core technologies and better responding to the challenges of tomorrow: increasing electrification of equipment, development of connectivity within hydraulic systems (IoT, data), development of associated services, reduction of the ecological footprint.


On June 27, a jury made up of Team Innovation Poclain, the managing director and members of the group's management committee invited the three finalist startups to present their skills likely to meet one of Poclain's two main expectations:

  • Significantly improve the performance of hydraulic motors
  • Develop new and complementary services by capturing contextualized data

After deliberation by the jury, KALYSTA is the startup selected to collaborate with Poclain on ways to improve the performance of the hydraulic motor.

KALYSTA is a DeepTech startup created in 2020 by Jean-Claude Rassou within the SATT Paris-Saclay, Technology Transfer Acceleration Company of the Paris-Saclay Cluster (whose shareholders are the University of Paris-Saclay, the CNRS, the Polytechnic Institute of Paris and Bpifrance).


KALYSTA's expertise is in marketing high-performance actuators for on-board mechatronics applications requiring optimized movements. The start-up attaches great importance to the ease of use of its technology in order to allow the industrial development of new applications while simplifying system architectures.


Its main markets are aerospace, robotics, mechatronics, exoskeletons… more generally, any application requiring strength in a reduced volume and weight.


And this is where we understand that Kalysta and Poclain had every chance of saying "I WANT YOU ON MY TEAM" since the challenge of thinking about hydraulic motors is to know how to increase the power of motors with iso-dimensions or conversely, with iso-power, how to reduce the dimensions?


There is no doubt that this collaboration will open up extraordinarily exciting fields of investigation for us. As for the two other start-ups not selected during this final phase, the story is probably not over because each presented elements likely to strongly whet Poclain's appetite in accelerating its other innovative development projects.