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Our Poclain Academy team share with you the best practice to assemble conical pins on a Poclain Hydraulics motor. This video is intended for authorized service technicians.
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In this video, we will show you how to install conical pins on a sub-assembly of our motor range, respecting Poclain's installation procedures and safety. Conical pins are placed on our hydraulic motors to transmit more torque. Assembly of sub-assemblies: cam/cover, cam/bearing support or cover/cam/bearing support with conical pins on Poclain Hydraulics motors.


Please follow our recommendations regarding personal protective equipment and tooling.


First of all, carefully identify the different parts of the motor that you are going to dissemble:

  • The cam ring
  • The valving cover

Reminder: we have seen the pin's dissembling process in a previous video.


Why are we using conical pins ?

The answer is to get more torque. It prevents the cam ring and the valving cover from sliding. Which could create shearing between the two components.


Pins are composed of a male and female pieces:

  1. You put the female piece on the fixed section, which is the valving cover, the slot to the outside
  2. You put a new O-ring in place
  3. You put the cam ring back in place
  4. You assemble the two subsets
  5. You engage the male part of the pin
  6. You take a screw to engage the male and the female pieces together

Why are we fixing both parts ?

If both parts weren't attached, an offset would be created between the cam ring and the valving cover while hitting the male pin, which would create a visible leakage during the test.


It's time to dissemble the fasteners.


Now the cam ring is solidly connected to the valving cover!


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Stéphane JUDLIN

PHTC Trainer

Hydraulic Motor Expert