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Guillaume Besnouin, Market Manager – North America introduces the innovative power transmission solutions you will learn more about on this year’s Poclain Hydraulics IFPE/ConExpo stand S81613.
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Our focus this year will be on showing OEMs how our systems help meet the end customer needs:

  • Increase ROI
  • Deliver a higher level of operator comfort
  • Increase productivity
  • Deliver superior reliability

For mobile machinery new power transmission systems include


The new PM70 ¾ heavy-duty pump is capable of operating at 420 bar (6000 psi) of max pressure. The PM70’s design is similar to the PM30 and PM50 for easy inventory management and conversions. Controls include mechanical servo with feedback, hydraulic servo, and elecro-proportional with feedback.


CreepDrive™ is hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission that allows vehicles who travel at normal speeds on-road to perform work functions at constant low speeds up to 7.5 mph, while maintaining the high engine RPM required for auxiliary system functions. When disengaged, vehicles can drive at normal speeds on-road with no mechanical transmission efficiency losses. Optimized for simple chassis installation, CreepDrive helps end users to maximize productivity, work quality and driver comfort.

Industrial Quick-Ship Program

Our quick delivery program for high torque power-dense industrial motors is now available in North America. The program includes a range of our heavy-duty radial piston motors for industrial direct drives with displacements of up to 1830 (30,000 cc) and a two-week delivery option. Motors, torque arms & mounting kits for easy integration are in stock in North America and strong service support is available both locally and globally.


Be the first to learn about the MT07 at IFPE 2020. It is Poclain Hydraulics’high-performance radial motor for track drives. Designed with CTLs in mind to enhance the machine’s productivity with higher speed and superior efficiency. The MT07 has a displacement of 30 – 56 cu. in/rev in a compact and balanced envelope. It has high load capacity bearing support, superior pollution resistance, equal performance in forward/reverse, versatile configuration to ease integration and a high performance parking/emergency brake.



Make sure not to miss us at the show in booth S81613 



We are proud to sponsor this year's IFPE Fluid Power Happy Hour!