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Poclain Hydraulics is committed to partnering with OEMs for smart agriculture machines and technology. Thanks to IoT and data management, all stakeholders are able to realize gains in efficiency and ROI (Return On Investment).
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You can now monitor your hydrostatic transmissions in real time. IoT monitoring improves machine efficiency and increases the life cycle. It reduces time to market and machine downtime. All accelerate their workflow through data driven decisions.


How does it work? A log-box transmits your machine’s raw on-field data that Poclain obtains via sensors placed in your machine. This raw data is analyzed to determine machine needs from on-road data-points such as linear speed, rotation speed and pressure, and off-road data-points such as temperature, or other data specified by the CAN bus. You also have access to variables such as GPS location, and up-hill or downhill trajectory.

Data treatment and performance

After the raw data recovery, the data analysis phase can begin. This helps to analyze the lifetime of the machine, as well as evaluate and make recommendations for sizing with simulations in order to optimize and upgrade the machine.


Service engineering uses the data to re-size components to achieve the same performance with less consumption and follow the machine’s performance after commissioning.


The different stakeholders, teams, suppliers and customers share a customized data visualization dashboard in order to get the most out of the machine’s lifecycle data.


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