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PALFINGER, Optimal Forklift Through Customization

PALFINGER is an international technology and mechanical engineering company and the world’s leading producer and provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions. With over 12,600 employees, more than 30 manufacturing sites and a worldwide sales and service network of around 5,000 service points, PALFINGER creates added value from the challenges of its customers.
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PALFINGER is consistently continuing on its course as a provider of innovative, complete solutions that deliver increased efficiency and better operability, while leveraging the potential of digitization along the entire production and value chain.

The Challenge

Palfinger came to us with the need for a truck-mounted forklift with superior performance combined with a well-structured layout of hardware components such as engine, drive train, hydraulic pipes, etc. And of course, they were looking to save on costs throughout it all. The main hydraulic drive consists of:


  • Three of our MS05 motors per machine
  • PM closed-loop pump
  • Traction control valve

But all these hydraulic components are usually placed on different places on the machine and connected together by hoses. This was a drawback for a compact machine like a forklift, where weight has to be distributed in an optimal way.


pm50 pump and traction control valve

PM50 closed-loop pump with traction control valve

The Solution

In close partnership with PALFINGER, POCLAIN developed an innovative solution that combines the drive pump and assembled traction control valve block in a one package solution. It was designed to be compact and highly efficient. Our team was also able to incorporate an optional directional control valve to give them the ability to create 4-way truck mounted forklifts by using the same base model. This resulted in less variety and high flexibility in their assembly and logistic processes.


Upon commissioning, the team at PALFINGER reported the new machine performed incredibly well and gradually increased their orders. The new machine also looks cleaner and more efficient just upon a simple visual inspection. You can see the new machines contain less pipes and connections, in addition to hydraulic losses reduction.

Traction Control Benefits

The traction valve is a 3-way flow divider that is engaged in rough terrains, but by-passed when not needed on flat areas. Additionnally it contains some piloting functions and customizable functions that bring an all-in-one solution for several operations on the machine. The valve makes the machine capable of driving and transporting loads on high demanding terrains (slopes, mud, etc.).

Flanged Valve Benefits

The POCLAIN flanged valve reduced the required number of fittings and hydraulic losses, as well as the overall pipe length bringing cost and space savings to the customer. As an added benefit, the pump combined a gear pump and main drive pump in a one-package solution. It used less assembly and could be painted in whole at once. The final product comes with a lower risk of leaks and was a great addition to what was ultimately called a “clean” and efficient machine.


Product Portfolio Manager

Poclain Hydraulics