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We, at Poclain Hydraulics, are specialized in motors since 1958 when we began our journey in hydraulic motors which brought us today to the position of a worldwide leader in the industry. The last generation of the MS, the 4th one, was released in 1983. Over the years, the MS became more and more robust and more competitve. And it had also to face bringing more and more performance while being the global macro-trends around environmental pressure and connectivity.
new generation of motors

Listening To Our Customers But Not Only...

In order to be proactive and really differentiating in our value proposition, we ran surveys and interviews, not only with our customers but also with machine users and other people who are part of our global ecosystem. Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes helped us to deeper understand their main stakes and how we can address them through innovations in the motor product.


We have been also getting closer to our Sales & Applications teams. They helped us to guide our choices and they co-built our value and technical propositions.

Hydraulic Is Sustainable

From all these connections and the technical dialogue that took place, it became clearly apparent that hydraulics will remain a technology of reference for a long time. Not because we are in this business, but truly because of the simplicity, the power density, the compactness and the efficiency we can get out of it.


Additionally, because of the high competencies that our customers have and that we have, it became obvious that there is still a lot of untapped potential to cope with the global challenge we all share.

Raidal Motor Technology Is A Key Trendy One

The hydraulic radial motor has been considered during a long time as a niche product, as a performing but expensive technology. But as it became more and more competitive, it gave the opportunity to a larger number of people to take advantage of the overall performance in efficiency and compactness. The level of productivity you can get out of it is so amazing that even in hostile environment we know that we will not be stuck. And last but not least, the lack of scarce materials, the recyclability and its mass put it forward as a real green solution for a sober world.


For all these reasons, we are investing in this program to create the next generation of radial piston cam-lobe motors, to remain ahead of the competition, at the very time when competition is investing in this technology in order to catch up.

Our Answer

We are defining not only one new range of motors but two. One for a segment of our sales driven by the needs for off-road wheel drives and a second one driven by the needs of high performances tool drives.


In the first segment, our customers are requiring our motors to be a “peace of mind” components, simple, reliable and robust, in order to fulfill the propel function. As such, our product is not part of the key function of the vehicle, but our customers can rely on our propel solutions to better focus on their work functions. The main applications are on compaction, (mini)loaders, forklifts.


In the tool drive segment, the motors are part of the key productive part of the vehicle. Customers expect these working functions to be as performing and powerful as possible, in order to support the productivity of their machines. The main applications are on attachments (rock processing, forestry,…), vertical & horizontal drilling, shredders.


On top of this we are developing a common option for both ranges called Edge, which will upgrade the motors with sensors, connectivity and local intelligence in order to capture, process and exchange data. It opens up lots of potential for connected services, which is another R&D program that we are running in parallel to this new generation of motors.

And Now...

Relying on some new radical innovative concepts, we will be able, for example, to reduce drastically the motor losses, the volumetric and mechanic ones, using new pistons and new designs.


The program team is working hard in order to make this progress real soon, starting to test already some first concepts on mock-ups with promising testing results.


We shift-up in our ways to innovate – You will be able to feel it starting at Bauma Munich 2022.


It is going to happen !


Program Manager Cam Lob Motor

Poclain Hydraulics