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KRAMER-WERKE, New 5040 Wheel Loader Goes Faster, Saves Money

We at POCLAIN are proud to have a long standing professional relationship with KRAMER-WERKE, a leading manufacturer of wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers for the construction, agricultural, rental parks, municipalities and other industries. All the way back in 2007, the 5035 Compact Wheel Loader was born. But it was time for an update with the new 5040.
kramer loader

Enter the 5040 kramer wheel loader

One of the main desires from Kramer was to develop a version of the loader with increased speed. Thanks to our latest innovations, Poclain was able to deliver motors capable of taking the wheel loader from 20 kph up to 30kph. Customers had a desire for a quicker machine in order to do their work faster and reduce man hours. But the 5040 has many other amazing features:


  • Steerable motors for better mobility and handling.
  • Three steering modes (all wheel steering, crab steering, front wheel steering).
  • Switchable motor that can run double speed.
  • An advanced speed sensor with only two pins supporting the possibility to use a one controller design.
  • Noise reduction for both driver and worksite comfort.
  • An additional smart driving option, modern cabin design, improved console and better power rating.
  • Increased diesel tank capacity of 60%.
  • Eco-drive mode that can cut down the diesel engine speed from 2 600 rpm to 2 150 rpm.

In short, one of these machines can finish work faster, refuels less, saves man hours and can then be put into an Eco-drive to save fuel.


MG steerable wheel motor

Poclain Hydraulics MG steerable wheel motor

Longer working time

The 30 kph machine was introduced in 2021 and has reached already a sales rate of 40%. It is in high demand for the street sweeping and snow removal markets. This is especially true in Scandinavia because they want their plows to go long distances without refueling in order to get their work done faster. They have found the Kramer 5040’s combination of increased tank capacity and improved machine efficiency gives them longer working time with more output.

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Regional Sales Manager, Poclain Hydraulics GmbH