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HEVO PROGRAM, Optimizing Performance Through Energy Efficiency Excellence

In today’s world, the imperative to reduce global CO2 emissions cannot be overstated. This urgency is further compounded by the mounting resource scarcity and global warming. In this perfect storm, our customers find themselves pressured to achieve more with less.
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Regrettably, this pursuit often forces them into unfavorable compromises and even sacrifices, particularly when it comes to the performance of off-road machines. Current solutions seem to advocate doing less with less, resulting in higher costs, limited speed, and lower productivity. It’s high time to disrupt this status quo. With four generations of hydraulic radial motors, POCLAIN stands as the unrivaled leader in this technology. For the next generation, POCLAIN has undertaken a radical move with the HEVO program, dedicated to helping our customers surmount these pressing challenges. While hydraulics have long been known for its reliability, robustness, and compactness, adhering to the established norms, such as our MS architecture, can be improved.

A next-gen motor with lower flow requirements

Improving the energy performance of the hydraulic systems is the key to cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The most effective path to achieve this goal is by reducing the demand for hydraulic flow, thereby minimizing friction, heat generation, and energy losses.

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It is time to transform hydraulics from being part of the problem into the ultimate solution

Launched in 2021, POCLAIN’s HEVO program stands as a testament to what can be accomplished. It brings a significant improvement for off-road machinery, reducing consumption and increasing power output by up to 30%. By breaking free from the conventional physical limits we work with today, this hydraulic program showcases that energy efficiency can go hand in hand with enhanced productivity.

The revolutionary technological advancements driven by POCLAIN’s HEVO hydraulic program have reconciled environmental sustainability with performance excellence. Pushing beyond the physical limitations of our current motor design, POCLAIN is not just reimagining the core radial motor technology but also supercharging hydraulic performance to meet our customers’ needs, all while contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone.

Hevo Program


Instead of using the breakout force as main entry point for motor design, we have systematically laid out the HEVO motor for the most frequent use cases, at which most of the power is spent; this results in very significant energy gains over a complete duty cycle.

For high torque and limited speed applications, we have designed a single speed motor with reduced displacement that operates very efficiently at low flow & high pressure. This motor can mobilize an extra reserve of torque to provide breakout force when needed.

For applications such as tools drive requiring higher speed drive, high power but seldom full breakout torque, we have designed multiple speed motors that run very efficiently and reliably when operated in low displacement at high speed, enabling much higher speeds than with current technology. The motor can be switched to high displacement when really high torque is needed.

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