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Full Braking Solutions

We provide dynamic braking and electro-proportional solutions to meet different customer needs and regulations.
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Our braking solutions are suitable for a wide range of market applications to meet different customer needs and regulations.


They are designed to:


  • fit into existing dynamic braking circuits
  • fit into existing assist safety systems
  • increase the safety of your machines

Safe solutions for dynamic braking

The dual line control braking + combine braking commands.


The dual line control braking

The dual line control braking maintains braking capacity in the event of a failure on one of the two lines.

We provide a double control line inside a brake, with the MS hydraulic motor with integrated service brake in the bearing support, and a dual piston and dual control line, with the VB3-020 valve with remote pilote module or the VBT valve with electro-proportional control.

Electro-proportional solutions for autonomous and robotized machines


1/ The braking signal sources:

  • Electric actuator
  • Park brake button
  • Radar/sensor/camera
  • Override brake signal

2/ ECU > CAN

  • Apply or release brake

3/ VBT Brake Valve

Electro-proportional control


3/ VBR Brake valve 

Electro-proportional control


4/ MS hydraulic motor

Integrated service brake


Our braking solutions are ready for the next generation of machines.