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Poclain Electric Wheel Loader MiniZEV for demonstration

Announce performance is one thing, show practical results is another. Result of the wide engineering work performed since 2019 to develop the e+h solution, miniZEV is the Poclain electric wheel loader for field tests and customer demonstrations.
Electrified Mini Loader

MiniZEV has been equipped with the e+h system in 2019 and has then been going through an extensive field tests campaign carried out over time to optimize the components and software settings. Validated, safe and fully functional since 2020, miniZEV is now a demonstration machine available to all our customers and prospects.

MiniZEV has already been tested by a large number of OEMs and end users in various conditions. Each test has been documented and the feedbacks have been taken into account for the system fine tuning. The level of satisfaction has exceeded the expectations!

In addition to miniZEV, Poclain Hydraulics’ engineering teams have already successfully electrified several other compact off-highway machine prototypes since 2020.

Testing miniZEV is definitely the best way to discover the high performance of the e+h solution. If you are interested in a machine demonstration or a driving test, please get in touch with your current Poclain Hydraulics sales contact.

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For any electrification project or information request, please get in touch with your current Poclain Hydraulics