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Mini Skid Steer

Mini skid steer loaders need to give operators speed and power in a compact footprint. Poclain Hydraulics’ propel solutions – including hydraulic pumps and motors – bring the leading OEM trusted power density you need to deliver the productivity your end-users demand and the industry experience for a successful project.

Help your operators do more in smaller places

Machines need to manage big jobs in tighter spaces – meaning their footprint needs to be minimized and their power maximized. From landscapers and hardscapers demanding the least amount of ground disturbance to material handlers and construction who need a versatile workhorse to fit through tight spaces, we help you make that possible for your stand-on skid steer operators.

  • Maintain high productivity with high power attachments – many operators need to use powerful attachments in tight quarters that mini skid steers are designed to navigate. With our PM10 and PM20 pumps robust design, auxiliary mounting pad and through shaft options enable your operators to run higher power tools. Moreover, the MS motor range, using radial piston technology, used for track drives allows your machines to be more reactive and reliable, contributing to end-user satisfaction and commercial success.
  • Noise reduction for driver comfort – better efficiency, optimized control options and reduced noise levels of our PM pumps and MS motors contribute to reducing operator fatigue and deliver a better user experience.

Designers get to market faster with more flexibility and machine development support

  • Design support – Our knowledgeable experts work closely with industry leading designers for their compact tool carriers. They understand your machine and have experience we can put to work for you during the development phase and beyond. The PM10 and PM20 tandem pumps are designed to deliver the right amount of speed and power for your machine in a very compact package with an auxiliary mounting pad option that enables you to integrate options for larger auxiliary pumps.
  • A power-dense, proven compact package – For a high-performance system package, the PM10 or PM20 pump can be paired with Poclain Hydraulics motors – such as an MS02, MS03, MSE03 or MS05  - and a gear pump for the attachment. With unparalleled compactness, our PM pumps offer the space savings you need to pack more power into your stand-on machine.
  • Global excellence local dedication – A Poclain Hydraulics offers local technical and manufacturing support throughout the world, meaning you can trust we understand the local market needs, and your machine will have the support needed wherever you are.

Simplify your logistics and your aftersales support

  • Commonality and ease of maintenance across your machine range – our PM10 and PM20 pump carry many of the same features and offer the same trunnion design with low maintenance for similar accessibility and service needs. This means you can reduce aftersales training needs and upgrade your machine size and power while maintaining familiar hydraulic architecture and features. With further support such as predictive maintenance with condition monitoring, ensure uptime and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Support for your machine, no matter where you are

  • Expert support locally and globally for your mini skid steer – Regardless of where you are located, and regardless of what you call your machine: compact tool carrier, stand-on skid steer, compact utility loader, mini skid steer, mini track loader or mini CTL our experts are there to accompany you throughout the development process. We help you by providing data, settings help, and prototype delivery, on top of an all-in-one easy-to-integrate solution. Our experts are able to help you reuse components that have already been validated when possible to simplify your new mini skid steer machine development and accompany you from commissioning throughout your mini skid steer’s lifecycle.
  • Quality performance in line with the highest mini skid steer OEM requirements. With our standard line of production, we deliver the same process and the same level of quality whomever our customer.
  • Training and continuous improvement – Poclain Hydraulics training and support doesn’t stop once your mini skid steer is commissioned and goes into series. Our standard or personalized training offerings help you ensure your team knows our products and is ready to deliver competent support to your customers.

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