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Compact Track Loader

Compact Track Loaders’ hydraulic propel solutions need to be efficient and reliable to deliver smooth operation regardless of the ground conditions. Deliver a higher overall efficiency and lower noise disturbance in comparison to planetary drives with easy-to-integrate Poclain Hydraulics radial piston motors and axial piston pumps. Let us reduce your operators’ maintenance and give them the maneuverability and power they need.
Compact Track Loader

A long-time market leader for skid-steer loader propel solutions, Poclain Hydraulics has worked directly with leading CTL OEMs to develop a perfectly balanced, cam-lobe radial piston propel solution adapted to the specific needs of compact track loaders’ high axial loads.

Meet CTL operator-specific needs

CTL end-users choose this type of machinery for lower ground pressure and reduced ground disturbance, which is well adapted to landscaping, construction, or agriculture work on variable ground conditions.

  • Deliver high-speed and efficiency. Our MT motors allow machines to run up to 20 kph (12 mph) without compromising on torque. It also delivers the same performance in both forward and reverse for enhanced productivity at a displacement between 495 to 920 cc. (30.21 to 56.14 cu. in/rev.)
  • Contamination resistant – The MT motors deliver superior resistance to debris and contamination in even the most extreme or harsh conditions. Designed specifically for tracked machinery, the MT motor seals withstand hard packed mud, debris or chemicals. In addition, our new speed sensor is IP69 rated to withstand high-pressure jets of water and still deliver accurate readings.
  • Reliable and maintenance free – The motor’s unique patented sealing system is robust and maintenance free to enhance reliability. The MT motor delivers high bearing capacity to withstand extreme shock loads allowing your operators to push your machines further. 
  • Added safety and comfort on the jobsite – High performance wet disc brake withstands parking and emergency brake use without deterioration. The spring applied brake is hydraulically released (SAHR) ensuring any issue with the hydraulic circuit will stop the CTL. Couple this with our KCV valves to ensure proper parking brake release for added security. When compared to planetary gear drives, the MT cam lobe direct drive motor offers higher overall efficiency, lower noise and no maintenance.
  • Precise work. Cam lobe radial piston motor technology allows for precise movement even at very low speeds. This allows operators to make every motion count and get work done faster. A compact motor envelope means OEMS have more design freedom to minimize the machine’s footprint and increase maneuverability.

Designers - meet design and market goals of today and tomorrow

  • Ease of integration – the MT is perfectly balanced around the sprocket mount, with a compact length designed to fit perfectly within a typical track profile. The axial or radial connections give designers more flexibility to adapt the hydraulic architecture to the machine’s needs. Our PM tandem pumps offer a wide range of controls (hydraulic, mechanical, electronic with or without feedback), integrated options and flanging to increase design flexibility and reduce potential points of failure.

Simplify logistics and aftersales support

  • One motor – both sides. The symmetrical design simplifies sourcing and aftersales management, with a single part number for left and right sides.
  • Low maintenance system – our MT motors are maintenance free while Poclain Hydraulics PM pumps integrated features and options reduce potential failure points, this paired with further support such as predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, help you reassure your customers’ uptime and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Support for your machine, no matter where you are

  • Expert support for your CTL locally and globally – Regardless your location, our experts are there to accompany you throughout the development of your compact track loader, providing data, settings help, and prototype delivery, on top of an easy-to-integrate solution. We help you reuse validated components when possible to simplify your new compact track loader machine development and accompany you from design and commissioning to the end of your CTL’s lifecycle.
  • Quality performance in line with the highest CTL OEM requirements. With our standard line of production, we deliver the same process and the same level of quality whomever our customer.
  • Training and continuous improvement – Poclain Hydraulics training and support doesn’t stop once your CTL is commissioned and goes into series. Our standard or personalized training offerings help you ensure your team knows our products and is ready to deliver competent support to your customers.

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