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Tree Harvester

Poclain Hydraulics’ high power density motor technology meets forestry’s demanding expectations for productivity, reliability and precision, particularly for harvester heads. An expertise built over decades of experience. Field proven.
Tree Harvester

Poclain’s commitment to support the forestry industry has led to innovative and optimized solutions, such as harvester head feed roller motors, swing drive motors, wheel drive motors and brake valves, for wheeled harvesters and tracked harvesters.

Harvester head productivity

Harvester heads combine the most exacting expectations in speed and power with stringent constraints for weight and integration. These requirements usually do not match up.

Poclain has improved the efficiency to unprecedented levels across its motor range. These optimized high flow solutions are now being specifically shaped to fit the tight harvesting head architecture: latest Poclain high flow forestry motors are now 10% lighter and shorter.

Maximize precision, accuracy and flexibility

The high volumetric efficiency of Poclain cam-lobe motor technology fulfills heavy requirements of cut-to-length harvesting. Today’s high productivity demand can be achieved with Poclain technology by allowing to precisely stop a log in a narrow cutting window.

Harvester head robustness

Tree harvester feed roller drives are one of the heaviest duty applications for motors. Capable of handling high power demands, shocks and pressure peaks in the most extreme operating conditions, our motors are proving their value and require no maintenance.

The result of years of experience in forestry industry is a unique highly efficient hydraulic motor, withstanding phenomena of this extreme application, at any speed or operating pressure.