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Hydraulic Drive for Industrial Applications

Poclain Hydraulics offers complete system solutions in one compact Hydraulic Power Drive unit for several industrial applications among which are shredders, conveyor drives, marine winches, tunnel boring machines, pulp and paper and others. Hydraulic Power Drives (HPD) are industrial system solutions completing our globally recognized radial hydraulic motor ranges (MHP, MI or MS).

Your full system provider

Poclain Hydraulics is your full system provider and reliable partner for your hydraulic drive. You get a complete transmission, hydraulic drive and motors included through a one stop shop, historical hydraulic partner with strong experience in closed loop system in demanding markets such as for instance industrial waste shredding. Intensive heavy-duty continuous operation is typical of shredders, which cut through tough materials such as tires, plastics and metal. They require reliable and efficient power units to generate the power and rugged motors to convert it into torque.

Flexibility and modularity of design of our solutions result in wide choice of functional customization. Main parts of HPD include:

  • Heavy-duty closed-loop pumps
  • Valve control blocks
  • AC electric motors
  • Reservoir and frame
  • Coolers
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Other parts

Your hydraulic drive comes assembled, tested and shipped directly from our production site in Europe. Use all the benefits of our plug and play solution!

Hydraulic Power Drive Unit
Hydraulic Power Drive unit solutions for industrial applications

Our hydraulic drive standard offer

The most standard models are designed to drive MHP20, MHP27, MS50, MS83, MS125 or MI250. The standard models are either single hydraulic motor drives or dual hydraulic motor drives.

Our typical dual drive model includes:

  • 2 x 200 kW (or smaller) electric motors
  • 2 x 280 ccm close-loop pumps, charge pumps
  • CORAC valves (Cross-Over Relief and Anti-Cavitation), flushing valves
  • Oil reservoir, air cooler, accumulators, filters, diagnostic equipment etc


  • Water cooler
  • Frame with panels
  • Electric/wiring cabinet
  • Hydraulic hoses to the radial motors
  • Other options upon request

List of standard hydraulic drive models

Poclain Hydraulic Drive Units Models
Main Poclain Hydraulic Drive unit Models

Large size hydraulic motors for challenging applications

In harsh environments, reliability, ease of integration and performance are key selection criteria for high displacement hydraulic motors. Poclain Hydraulics offers a complete range of large size hydraulic motors to meet these requirements with all the benefits of radial piston technology and displacements up to 30 liters:

  • High torque
  • Efficiency
  • Easy control
  • Robustness

Worldwide support

Poclain Hydraulics provides support and expertise for HPD all over the world thanks to our global network: subsidiaries, remote offices, distributors and certified repair centers. Our HPD expert teams also support worldwide customers for commissioning, maintenance and servicing with a stock of main components available and maintenance spare parts.

Contact us for support and expertise when designing a hydraulic system for your machine.