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Poclain Services: Supporting You Through The Lifecycle Of Your Machines

Connected Engineering, 3D integration and simulation, connected commissionning and test-track rental, learn more about the steps of our services offering.
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What is the machine development process with Poclain ?

Connected Engineering

Optimize the developement & performance of your machine


  • Conduct specific analysis of data from the field to optimize the development, performance and reliability of your machines

Connected engineering benefits

Data for new development projects

  • Diagnostics prior to electrification
  • Quick to market and low-risk machine development
  • Analyze data from machines in the field
  • Define data for R&D and new development projects

Duty cycle expertise

  • Increase your knowledge of actual machines operating in actual field conditions
  • Understand how machines perform and how they are used by end-users


  • Faster problem solving
  • Analyze potential root causes
  • Define and tet solutions

How do we proceed

Definition of the objectives and data list

Hardware configuration and installation

High-rate data collection during on-site operation

Data analysis by Data Science team

Final report by application specialists


Assess the system performance

Adapt solution to meet customer requirements

  • Collection of data and calculations
  • Generation of system models 
  • Simulations
  • Solutions and recommendations

Simulation benefits

  • Optimize system sizing
  • Adjust control strategy
  • Increase performance
  • Optimized prototype
  • Faster to market

3D Integration

Virtually verify prototype fit

  • Machine 3D digital environment
  • Flexible process
  • Facilitate system integration study
  • Accelerate prototyping phase

Save time, reduce costs, optimize prototyping

  • From machine scan to the CAD model and system integration
  • 3D scan of the chassis of the vehicle
  • CAD model of the chassis
  • System integration study

Connected commissioning

Optimize prototype before mass production

From the new connected prototype >


  1. Prototype start-up
  2. Prototype connected commissioning
  3. Pre-production connected commissioning

> To machine requirements for mass production


Connected commissioning benefits

Ensure your machine meets expectations for mass production

  • Monitor prototype & pre-production machines in the field
  • Validate performance and reliability in real and various operating conditions


Report extract from an electrified machine

Test track rental

Perform vehicle testing in a controlled environment

  • On-road and off-road testing of prototypes and series machines
  • Training sessions

On-road areas

  • Asphalt track
  • Asphalt straight-away
  • 10-20-30% slopes
  • Asphalt circle

Off-road areas

  • 20-30-50% gravel slopes
  • 35% earth slope
  • Mud path
  • Forest track

Working areas

  • Gravel
  • Forest
  • Compaction track
  • Sand

We adapt our level of support during testing to customer request.



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