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Poclain Hydraulics Repair Department In The USA Utilizes Best Practices

The Poclain Hydraulics repair department has been in operation in the United States for over 30 years serving customers throughout North America and across the globe. In addition to handling warranty work, our repair department has also expanded into new and unexpected heights.
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US repair department best practises

The Poclain Hydraulics repair department team

To create the best work environment, we have given our team members only the best. Each technician has their own space, work bench, and the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools. Their combined experience allows them to quickly perform inspections on any submitted products, analyze for any damage, find the root cause of the damage, and expertly fix whenever possible. As a result of our winning strategies, we are proud to share that we have one technician with over 30 years of experience, two with over 25 years, and one with 15 years of experience with our full range of Poclain Hydraulics products.

The repair team best practices

Each repair experience is unique, but many involve a proven set of steps to ensure the best outcome. For example, if a leaky motor comes in, we thoroughly evaluate it to determine the cause of the leak, such as a faulty bearing or seal. One of our most important jobs is to determine how the failure in the product occurred: did it occur during manufacturing, during normal operation, or was the product improperly installed or used? It is essential to address these issues:


  • If it is a manufacturing issue, it must be addressed as soon as possible
  • To identify if a certain component tends to fail during normal operation
  • If customer has installed one product improperly, it is essential they know and are able to address any other improperly installed products. 

Each repair job can come with inspector analysis, pictures, detailed repair reports, and much more.

Poclain Hydraulics expands repair department in USA

To build on our expertise, our department does not only stick to warranty work. In fact, we have expanded to include prototype work for the local sales group. We can also convert certain Poclain Hydraulics motors, valves, and more for specific customer needs. Shorter lead times are also essential to us, as speed is of the essence. Using an adaptive strategy, we were able to stay ahead of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic and look to do the same with any future challenges. The repair, department can even turn around work in a week or two on customer request if the circumstances are favorable. It all depends on if we have the parts in stock or can get them quickly. Even non-priority repairs can be done within the month. We especially like to cater to smaller manufacturers as they don’t have hundreds of other machines to rely on if one of their’s breaks.

The future for the Poclain Hydraulics repair department

The research and development team at Poclain hydraulics has recognized our ability to perform quality work on a quick basis and often asks us to assist on their projects. For example, we may test a new product at the same time they do with a focus on components in order to compare results. Our team can also perform inspections and tear downs. On occasion, we are able to find a serious issue and report it before the product goes into production.


We look forward to working with you on your next Poclain hydraulics product.



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Steve Baumstark

Aftermarket Service Manager

Poclain Hydraulics North America