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Direct drive, low speed high torque motors bring big power and high efficiencies for shredder applications, reducing the mechanical losses found with mechanical gearbox reducer solutions and deliver a compact and reliable solution.

Easing machine development and aftermarket needs with compact and easy-to-integrate cam-lobe motor drive solutions, Poclain Hydraulics direct drive motors deliver up to 95% efficiency, reducing the mechanical losses found with mechanical gearbox reducer solutions and deliver a compact and reliable solution for operations that cannot be slowed down for maintenance.

In the process of sorting, shredding, separating and burning waste, shredding is the most critical part. Shredders are constantly subject to severe working conditions. High torque, high load tolerance, high power are expected. Providing those abilities with minimum maintenance is our challenge.

Boost productivity with better controllability

Your machine needs to maximize throughput. Poclain Hydraulics motors can start at full torque under heavy loads and consistently deliver the peak performance necessary for the cutting shaft to process a maximum amount of waste. Thanks to low inertia (stands up to quick accelerations and decelerations) and radial pistons our motors deliver quick direction changes, steady speed and torque even at low speeds (< 1rpm).

Among the largest hydraulics units, Poclain hydraulics developed the MI motor as the most robust solution for heavy-duty applications.  Thanks to its high working pressure and low internal inertia, the MI can withstand the load peaks and rotation direction changes without restrictions found when treating inconsistent waste, delivering a maximum output torque of 160kN.m.

Poclain Hydraulics MI motors are available for quick aftermarket changes with torque arm and mounting kits for quick replacements to keep your machine up and running – all available as a complete engineered package. Stock for quick delivery is available in North America, China and other locations globally. 

Reduce energy consumption

Compact and modular direct-drive component design eliminates chain, belt, and gearbox losses.

When intense power density is required, High Performance MHP motors, ranging from 900 to 3520 cc per rev. (55 to 215 per rev.), can withstand a pressure of 500 bar (7200 psi). MHP motors reach an efficiency level of 95%.

Reduce down time & maintenance

Unpredictable demands found in shredding applications such as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), SMP (Shredding Mixing Pumping), bulky waste, cement factories, industrial carpet, metal, tires, incineration plant... Robust and proven solutions reduce down-time due to maintenance and quick drive shaft reverses free stuck waste to maximize productivity.

The closed system design, after on-site installation and commissioning, can continue to run every year with simple maintenance.

Ease machine design

Our highly compact motors deliver design flexibility. With a reduced diameter, our motor range including MI, MHP, and MS standard motors allow for side-by-side placement to ease machine design. The compact and modular component design of our modular MS motor range and our large motor MI range, meet performance requirements and space constraints while delivering a compact powerful solution able to stand up to the harsh pressure peak and drops of cutter drive shafts.

Female splines, shrink disk and males spline motor shafts as well as torque-arm and mounting kits deliver on design flexibility as well as aftermarket replacement ease. For further design support, we offer flanged valves for our high power capacity motors.


The motors also come with features that add value to your machines: the hollow shaft (through shaft) option for specific machine designs. Anticavitation valves with flanged accumulators or crossover relief valves (CORAC) optimize designs for good performance, erratic pressure drops, direction changes or lack of back pressure options to reinforce the motor design and protect the system and maintain a constant pressure in all use conditions.


Trust our ability to meet shredder performance needs

Shredder operators cannot afford their machine stopping or sticking. Poclain Hydraulics technology has over twenty years of experience equipping waste shredding machines starting with large displacement MS motors, high efficiency MHP motor range and more recently with the MI motor range. All Poclain Hydraulics parts are designed and tested to withstand high working pressure (up to 450 bar).

Deliver on service & proximity

With a worldwide network supported by a global manufacturing footprint, you can rest assured that you will receive the same support and service regardless of your location.

  • Be confident in our ability to support your machine, no matter where you are - Regardless your location, our experts are there to accompany you throughout the development of your shredder providing data, settings help, and prototype delivery, on top of an easy-to-integrate solution. We help you reuse validated components when possible to simplify your new shredder machine’s development and accompany you from design and commissioning to the end of your shredders’ lifecycle.
  • Quality performance - In line with the highest shredder requirements. With our standard line of production, we deliver the same process and the same level of quality whomever our customer.
  • Training and continious improvement - Poclain Hydraulics training and support doesn't stop once your shredder is commissioned and goes into series. Our standard personalized training offerings help you ensure your teams knows our products and is ready to deliver competent support to your customers.