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Asphalt Tandem Roller

Road construction and maintenance requires the use of many construction machines working together, such as pavers and compactor rollers. The end goal is to deliver a high quality compacted surface that will extend the useful lifetime of the road surface regardless of climate conditions.
Asphalt Tandem Roller

Compactness, high efficiency, robustness to serve your machine

The design of roller compactors, their reliability over time and their performance are key to this success. Poclain Hydraulics, hydraulic transmissions for compactors have long been helping you make this possible for more than 30 years.

Therefore, the transmission must withstand high-frequency vibration, ensure regular translational movement at low speed, provide the torques necessary to overcome any slope, in particular that for climbing on trucks while being easily integrated into the drum.

A tandem compactor is a construction machine used to compact paving materials such as asphalt mixes and roller-compacted concrete. Tandem rollers have 2 cylindrical drums that perform compaction. Most of the drums are vibrating drums and some of them are even oscillating drums to increase compaction performance.

Compaction is a mechanical process: various forces are used to make the asphalt layer/soil denser. The purpose of compaction is to reduce the amount of air voids in the asphalt layer/soil and to move the aggregate in the layer closer together. Durable drive train motors are an integral part of this process. They must be able to stand up to these demands in order to deliver the quality surface expected. Strength is built into the asphalt layer/soil by removing most of the air voids and developing stone-on-stone contact.

The compactor's transmission needs to withstand high-frequency vibration, ensure consistent movement at low speeds, and provide the torque necessary to mount any slope, in particular those experianced when climbing on trucks, while being easily integrated into the drum. Worldwide leader, our range of products meets the needs for each machine size up to 16 tons.

compactor range

Ease the integration of the transmission

Ease the integration of the transmission inside the drum is key. Thanks to its compactness and high torque density, Poclain is able to provide the best solution with Low speed High Torque motor range MS and MK motor, more compact than high-speed motor and its reducer.

With stong vibration tolerance, Poclain motors allow the designer great design flexibility because the motors can vibrate with the drum while ensuring the same quality of transmission. The designer can therefore choose a direct fixing of the motor on the drum or on the frame with the same propel performance.

Our motor's built-in brake, essential for compactors, offers space saving and easier integration for increased efficiency.

Our PM pump option makes it easy to design and install the hydraulic system on your machine. It allows you to optimize your system layout according to your design objectives, with optional mounting flanges, integrated exchange valves, reinforced structures for noise reduction and many types of controls: mechanical, hydraulic or electronic with or without feedback.


Ensure optimized quality work over time on your site

Robustness / reliability / high efficiency

The Poclain Hydraulics motors, qualified at 450bars, have time-tested robustness and guarantee a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours on the compactor rollers. Produced in quantities of 300,000 motors/year for multiple applications, Poclain motors have demonstrated their reliability and robustness.

Slow motor technology has very low movement inertia: this allows the motor to respond instantaneously and very reliably to the accelerations and decelerations requested.

In addition, the high efficiencies of Poclain Hydraulics motors (>92%) make it possible to optimize the main energy consumption (diesel, electricity, etc.).


The hydraulic transmission is perfectly compatible with all primary energy sources: diesel, gas, electricity…. without affecting performance.

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